SnowBros: the remake

Many times before creating this blog our team have thought in creating a game like this. SnowBros is on the top of High quality arcade games. But some moths ago we thought that the game itself was perfect (without talking about extensions) . Then we thought that we could try remake it , in order to add extensions once we got that end.

Choosing development platform

And now what . That was our question . What platform or framework should we use ?

Of course it’s the first question you must think in order to develop a game . It depends on many factors (3D or 2D , the portability level , the time of development , Mobile or Desktop…)  but when we taste someones ( AndEngine , Corona , Unity3D , Cocos2D , libGDX , opengl ES ) we got in love with libGDX .

Reasons , in this order :

  • Great Benchmarks
  • Java (and testing easily in eclipse)
  • Low Level implementation
  • Growing community
  • High portability ( mobiles , desktop , now including HTML5 and trying to do the IOS feat )

I could tell you many good things , although it has the problem of an high learning curve . But if you want to try to develop 2D game , have a good control about what is happening in your app , and using one of the best development platform ( eclipse ) , i’ll recommend you this one , you’ll see our results anyway ;) .

Good luck and enjoy :) .

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Clinko Starts!

We’ve started to develop games. You’ll have news from our games soon. No more words , let’s work !

The Clinko Team

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